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In 1989, Flying M Ranch expanded upon it's established and successful Peruvian Paso Horse breeding program, and in a somewhat pioneering move, began breeding PINTO Peruvian Paso part-blood horses, with highly rewarding results!

Our jet-black Peruvian Paso stallion, 'Janchovilla' has proven his prepotency by passing on his incredible Peruvian gait to 100% of his crossbred offspring!

The pinto mares bred, have produced colorfully patterned pinto foals, at a ratio of 75% pinto to solid color! All have been endowed with gentle, willing spirit, strong conformation, friendly attitude, and the wonderfully smooth 4-beat lateral gait of the 'no bounce' Peruvian Paso Breed.

These qualities have found eager delight among our pleasure and trail riding clients, who want the best of both worlds, easy-going disposition and 'so smooth' ride! And they are all wrapped up in the prettiest pinto packages!

Consider breeding your pinto mares to one of our stallions, or reserve one of our American Spotted Paso foals. In the meantime, please visit our ranch website.

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